Recreational Use, Medical Use, Unlawful??? I'll Let KY Citizens Vote On It

I'm a grown man you are a grown person. Who am I to decide?

Abortion - KY Can Vote On It

I have very strong opinions about this and I'll never tell you what that opinion is. I trust Kentuckians to make the right decision.

Search for Dirty Laundry - 100% Transparency

Open Audit Review Boards to look into any mishandling of the teacher's retirement funds, Government Corruption... I'm in favor of OPEN - ALL WELCOME - Audit & Review Boards. However, You decide!

If I'm elected as your silent governor, within 1 year:
I'll have converted into your portal for controlling your government. Standard ballots and assistance at all of Kentucky's libraries will be available for the tech-challenged.

Stop the Corruption! Make Kentucky Great! Literally! You can do this!

James Samples for your silent governor!